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Shoutoku Shuzo

 Making an effort to look professional in front of the fantastic lineup from Shoutoku Shuzo, Fushimi, Kyoto.


The return to Shinbashi!

Last night saw a return to Shinbashi for more exceptional sake and food at another Tokyo sake institution Nozaki Shoten. My partners in crime were none other than Fumi, my ex manager of Nihonshu Bar and his newly wed wife Taka chan.

After dinner we made the quick walk across to Ginza to pay our respects to friend and bar tender extraordinaire Ueno San at Bar High Five. Ueno San lost a considerable amount of stock in the March 2011 earthquakes so my donation towards the High Five restock was a lovely bottle of Lark Single Malt from Tasmania.

Kaori Chan, a certified Sherry Master showed us how to really pour sherry and Ueno San was kind enough to give me yet another ice diamond carving lesson 🙂

Back in Japan April 10 – April 25

It was a great pleasure to kick off my latest Japanese tour sharing great food and sake with friends. Etsuko San from Japan Brewery Tours gathered my sake sensei John Gauntner and Sake Connections business partner Mark Schumaucher together for a fine evening at Shinbashi sake temple Iishi.