Sipping with the Sake Master #10 The arrival of ten new sakes

sake line upI am proud to announce the arrival of ten new sakes, that have been hand picked by none other than world sake expert John Gaultner. John is my dear friend, sake mentor and knows more about sake than just about anybody in the world!

You can learn more about him here:

John and I have worked together to bring a beautiful collection of new sake to Sake Online for your discovery and enjoyment. There are eight 300ml bottles and two 720ml bottles. We felt the 300ml bottles are perfect to discover new tastes without having to commit to a larger bottle and are great to share with a friend.

The breweries chosen offer great regional representation spanning the length of Japanese main island Honshu. From Nanbu Bijin and Asamai in the north, we come to Sudo Honke in central Ibaraki, we skirt around Tokyo and come to Doi in Shizouka then we head south to Daimon in Osaka, across to Suwa Shuzo in Tottori and then end our journey at Imada Shuzo Honten in Hiroshima. A great tour of Japan by sake that you can do from the comfort of your own dinner table.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting each and every sake and giving you some information on the amazing breweries these sakes represent.

See the full range here: