Sipping with the Sake Master #9 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Since historically, Valentine’s Day was celebrated as the Feast of Saint Valentine it seems appropriate that food and drink have become an integral part of how most couples celebrate the day. Most restaurants experience their busiest day of the year as couples with newly found love or many years of memories, enjoy a meal, drinks and intimate conversation.

Japanese cuisine is a popular choice on Valentine’s Day as it is fresh and for the most part light and healthy and we all know nothing can match Japanese food better than premium sake. Although Japanese cuisine is the obvious choice to match with sake it doesn’t end there. Sake’s savoury profile, it’s umami, and subtle acidity is a great match to most food, and in our opinion partners better than wine with any seafood.

Whether you are dinning out or preparing a romantic dinner at home or looking for a gift or treat for your partner, we have put together a few suggestions that we hope will inspire you.

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